About Us

The History of Cherryville’s Oldest Independent Pharmacy

Houser Drug is currently celebrating its 75th year in business, at the same location, in historic downtown Cherryville. Houser Drug was originally started by Dr. William H. Houser and Emmett Houser of Cherryville in 1935. Since that time, Houser Drug as changed ownership multiple times and is currently under the owner ship of Beam, Beam, and Moss.

What Houser Drug Can Offer You!

soda fountain houser drugHouser Drug may be the oldest independent pharmacy in town; however, they have always been the first to make needed technological changes and were the original source of the “one stop shop.” Years ago, individuals of the community could stop in at Houser’s and get ice cream from the old time fountain, fill their pharmacy prescriptions, and visit with local neighbors. Things have not changed too much since then. We at Houser Drug have kept value in what makes us unique. Today, our customers can still come and enjoy ice cream and an orange ade from our fountain; however, they receive so much more from our full service pharmacy!

Houser Drug is more than just a place where one can get their medication filled. We offer a full line of DME (Durable Medical Equipment) from wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, scooters, to even the accessories for these items that make them personal to each individual. As one of the only local ABC (American Board of Certification) certified facilities for DME, there is very little that we can not provide for you. Houser Drug also specializes in Diabetic needs. We have four full time employees that can help you with any questions you may have about your diet, meter, strips, or medication at any time. They are eager to save you money and help you control your disease. Due to their hard work, Houser Drug is also ABC certified in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics. This allows our facility to offer diabetic shoes at the highest quality care and also gives us the ability to bill Medicare, Medicaid, and most all insurances.

free deliveries houser drugDiabetes is only one area we have specialties. We also are trained in fitting for compression therapy hosiery and medical braces. Houser Drug has a full time Respiratory Therapist on staff which allows us to provide our customers with the top of the line oxygen and nebulizer therapy. In addition to these things, we are also a PCCA Compounding Facility meaning we can compound just about anything for humans or animals. When we stated that we where a full service pharmacy, you thought I was kidding right? However, there is more! Houser Drug also is a Long Term Care Provider. We service some of the biggest nursing homes and assisted living homes in our area! This is all great but you want to know what else we can offer you as an everyday customer. Well here it comes, this one is a doozy! WE DELIVER!! Houser Drug was the first and is the only independent pharmacy in the Cherryville area that does home delivery of pharmacy medications. We have a fleet of two vehicles that are eager to make it more convenient to supply your medication needs.

At Houser Drug, our customers come first and foremost. We are always looking for ways to save you money, time, and provide you with the best quality equipment and service possible. We are interested in “Earning your Trust, Not Just Your Business!”

Our Staff

the houser drug familyAt Houser Drug, the pharmacist in charge is Mr. Tim Moss. He graduated pharmacy school from the University Of Chapel Hill, NC. Tim is one of the owners of Houser Drug and has been the pharmacy manager since 1992 when he came aboard the staff. H.L. Beam III and Barbara Dellinger are the two pharmacy technicians at Houser Drug. H.L. has been an employee of Houser Drug since 1989 and Barbara since March of 1973! Throughout their time here, the employment has changed; however, Houser Drug currently has 12 employees. Among those individuals are two DME Specialists, a Medicare Part D specialist, Diabetes educators, and two Nursing home specialists. Houser Drug has whatever you are looking for and the finest individuals to take care of you!